What Is the Maximum Number of Keywords for SEO

In this article, you will learn the maximum number of keywords for SEO for better search engine ranking in order to maximize your SEO targets. 

Maximum Number of Keywords for SEO

Are you willing to know the maximum number of keywords that should be used for SEO? If so, this blog post is for you. It will provide you with all the information you need to know for the maximum number of keywords for SEO.

What Is the Maximum Number of Keywords for SEO? 

If you are asking  "What is the Maximum number of keywords for SEO should you focus on?"  this blog post is for you.

And if you are wondering about things like:

  • How many keywords for SEO must we target per page?  
  • Should we stick to a certain keyword density? 
  • Or do we need to create new pages for each copy of the keywords? 

When determining the number of SEO keywords per page to target, there are some standard rules that you should follow to get higher rankings. I will share it with you all below.

  1. You should focus on one keyword per page and include two or three variations of keywords for SEO. 
  2. Each of your pages should focus on one topic with the most important keywords included for SEO purposes. 
  3. Choose one to three keywords per page.

This is the basic answer to how many keywords you should focus on each page. But there are some additional things you should take into consideration to get the highest ratings.

How Many Keywords Can a Page Rank for?

A single page can rank for hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords. The number of keywords a page ranks depends on how well it is optimized for SEO as well as the total search volume for related queries.

Ahrefs conducted a Keyword Ranking study on exactly this topic and reported, “It appears that average Number 1 Page Rank will also rank in the top 10 search results]for nearly 1,000 other related keywords (while the average value is smaller than twice—about 400 keywords). Pages with the lowest ranking tend to rank with the fewest keywords.”

The reason this happens is that a single page can rank for hundreds of thousands of related keywords, which are called "long tail" keywords.

Long-tail keywords are simply extended versions of the root keyword. For example, a page ranked as “Best SEO Keyword Tool” may also be listed as “Best SEO Keyword Tool for Bloggers” or “Best SEO Keyword Tool for Small Businesses”, etc. . It all just depends on how the content is written and how the page is optimized for other relevant keywords.

 Here there is an entire guide on how to check keyword position in Google.

How Many Keywords Per Page Should We Focus On?

We should focus on two or three keywords per page as a minimum. This includes one keyword and two closely related queries. If we can focus on more keywords while making the content look natural, try optimizing more variations of keywords for SEO.

Now, the answer will depend on how many keywords we have to focus on each page along with the content.

For example, a 500-word blog post could easily be optimized for two or three keywords, but perhaps trying to include five or six keywords in such a short article seems unnatural. However, focusing on five or six keywords in a 2,000-word blog post is common practice and you can post with those phrases so the content looks natural.

Just remember that the more keywords you can focus on, the higher the chances of your pages getting ranked in search engines. For example, Shane Parker was able to 3,461 keywords on the first page of Google using two or three keywords associated with each page.

Could We Use the Same Keywords On Each Page?

We could not use the same keywords on every page. every page should have its own set of keywords. If we use the same keywords on every page, these pages will compete with each other in the search engine. It is better not to repeat a keyword on another page.

How Many Keywords Should Be On a Homepage?

There should be 3 to 4 keywords on the homepage as a minimum. The homepage is like any other page on your site and should be treated in the same way for SEO keyword purposes. To get the most SEO benefit, target 3 to 4 keywords on the homepage.

  • Writing longer content is the simplest way to add more keywords to your homepage.

Many people treat their home page as a visual selling piece that doesn't include many words on the page. While this may sound good from a design point of view, it can hurt your homepage SEO and keyword rankings because the search engine can't find many words to link the content to.

  • Increase the word count on your homepage as a way to improve your SEO keyword rankings and generate more traffic.

Can We Have Too Many Keywords?

It is possible to have too many keywords on one page. 

  • Repeating too many keywords over and over is referred to as “keyword stuffing,” which can penalize your content. 
  • Stacking as many keywords as possible in one post may make it unreadable.

Google despises keyword stuffing and refers to it as a practice as an "attempt to manipulate a site's ranking in Google search results". Repeating the same words or phrases so often that they seem unnatural.

If Google detects keyword stuffing on a page, it can penalize that content and cause it to drop in rankings or not at all. So stay away from that failed strategy.

Summary of Keyword Count Per Page for SEO

I hope you enjoyed this article on the maximum number of keywords for SEO you should focus on per page. As you found out, the answer will depend on how many keywords you should target along that content. However, it is best to focus on at least two or three keywords per page.

If you have a longer piece of content, the answer to the number of SEO keywords per page could be five, six, or more. As long as you continue to read the content normally, you should be fine. Just keep in mind that you should use your keywords in the correct positions on the page in order to get maximum SEO value from them.

Ali Al-Talhi
By : Ali Al-Talhi